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Logitech Green Screen, Professional Quality Background Review and Manual Setup

No doubt, you will know the green screen’s function, which is used to manipulate or change the video background with the main object. By using the green screen, you can quickly move the main thing to the areas you want. Of course, you can use video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere, After effects, Sony Vegas, or Filmora, or other software.

Apart from cinema, green screens are widely used for the photography process, quickly changing the background of the photo you want. If you’re going to make simple video tutorials and want to show your face in the video, this green screen effect is what you can do. Supporting this, Logitech, as a large company, has marketed the Logitech Green Screen with a portable system that will be very helpful and easy for you to use.

Logitech Green Screen, Professional Quality Background

It’s so simple, this portable green screen from Logitech you can open and set up in just seconds. You will instantly give a professional impression for meetings, creating video/photo content, teaching and learning, and other activities. It’s easy to use; stretch the green screen and enforce it; you can do anything in front of the camera and ready to work.

Durable Materials and Easy to Use

Logitech Green Screen is designed to be portable and folds easily for storage. Logitech has also equipped it with a carrying handle, so you can take it anywhere you want. This versatile mobile design is perfect for use in any situation; it will be very suitable for you to use indoors or outdoors.

In addition to a simple design and very easy to use, this Green Screen is also made of strong and durable materials. The aluminum housing is rugged, lightweight, durable, and considered for travel and everyday use. Meanwhile, the screen is made of Dupont dacron with synthetic polyester fiber material known for its durability and quality.

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After you have prepared the background, the next step is to set up your camera and lighting. To see a review of several Logitech camera choices, you can open this link to get options that you can use with Green Screen. Also, you can use Logitech Software to maximize your work or content in editing videos/photos.

Overall, this Green Screen from Logitech will be beneficial and make it easier for you to find its function. Apart from easy to use, and it is simple, the materials used are also very sturdy and durable. You don’t need to bother making your own green screen because you can order this product directly on the official Logitech website or several other market places that provide it. For the market, this product is sold for $ 159 only.

Logitech Green Screen Specification

Technical Specifications:



  • Height: 5.16 inch
  • Width: 62.24 inch
  • Depth: 4.06 inch

Expanded Fully (handle folded down)

  • Height: 76.77 inch
  • Width: 62.24 inch
  • Depth: 15.75 inch


  • Height: 70.87 inch
  • Width: 59.06 inch
  • Weight: 7.4 Kg

Technical Specifications:

  • High-quality materials (durable plastic handle and aluminum)
  • Portable size
  • Dupont Dacron screen material
  • Easy setup in seconds.

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