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Logitech MK540 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review and Manual Setup

The following article contains information and files to download from Logitech MK540 Software, Driver, Manual, Setup, and Review. To download the file we have provided, please read the review first to make it easier to understand. Hopefully, the information and download materials we provide can help those looking for Logitech Software Downloads, Drivers, Logitech Support, User Manuals, Logitech Setup Guides, and so on that are relevant to this review.

Logitech’s MK540 Advanced wireless combination delivers a keyboard and mouse package capable enough for your work. It consists of a spacious keyboard, complete with dedicated media keys and programmable keys with tactile typing and minimal clicks. The combo’s solid mouse offers smooth scrolling, plus programmable gestures to speed up and simplify all your work.

Logitech MK540 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


The Logitech MK540 is a very good combo and has earned Editors’ Choice from several organizations. Measuring 18 x 7.6 x 0.9 inches and weighing 1.9 pounds with the battery installed, the hefty MK540 isn’t an easy keyboard to slip into a backpack to carry around. However, this keyboard will feel very comfortable to be placed on the desktop, especially because of the curved plastic armrests to make it easier for you to type. Apart from that, the MK540 is also equipped with a retractable rear leg that tilts the keyboard at an angle of eight or four degrees according to the position we need.

Speed up Work

Logitech MK540 comes with many hotkeys, from save, search, print, settings, keys, and calculator. Logitech designed all these hotkeys to speed up your work, even if you have to do multiple functions simultaneously. You also get ten programmable keys; you can customize all of these using the Logitech Options app. Another bonus is the dedicated volume and media playback buttons, which flank the Logitech logo just above the keyboard’s main part.

A single, simple USB dongle connects a Logitech MK540 keyboard and mouse via a 2.4GHz wireless RF signal. The keyboard and mouse from this combo package will immediately work from the first time it is turned on without installing any drivers first. However, you still need to install additional drivers/software to modify and manage the programs contained in it. For that, at the bottom, we have provided a Logitech MK540 software link and a setup manual that might help you.


The spill-resistant button on the Logitech MK540 has a slightly contoured, sculpted design and a sense of quality. The keyboard was made using membrane switches, and the MK540 keys provide comfortable, sturdy protrusions with every keystroke, plus intense action when the keys snap back into place. In addition to the keys that produce a comfortable and sturdy bounce, the MK540 keyboard manages to remain impressively quiet, so you will remain comfortable when typing without disturbing your fellow neighbours.

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Nice Mouse

Turning to a mouse, the MK540 features an ambidextrous mouse that offers a smooth wavy scroll wheel and smooth glide made for satisfying mouse scrolling. For all kinds of fast action, the mouse can also be programmed via the Logitech Options application like the keyboard discussed above. For example, you can set the scroll wheel button, switch applications, launch the calculator, close windows, or even shut down your PC. Additionally, you can use the middle button as a gesture control which lets you maximize windows, switch virtual desktops, rotate items, and many other things.

Overall, the Logitech MK540 keyboard and mouse combo is a very suitable product that will make it easier for you to work. Coupled with all kinds of customization, you can work fast without repeating too many commands. For those of you who intend to buy this combo, you can order directly on the official Logitech website or several market places that provide it. For the price, the Logitech MK540 advance wireless keyboard and mouse is priced at just $ 59.

Logitech MK540 Specification

Technical Specifications:



  • Height: 7.62 inch
  • Width: 18.00 inch
  • Depth: 0.94 inch
  • Weight: 805 gr


  • Height: 2.43 inch
  • Width: 1.54 inch
  • Depth: 0.45 inch
  • Weight: 3.5 gr

Technical Specifications:


  • Spill-resistant design
  • Key shape and feel, whisper-quiet
  • Adjustable height (natural, 4°, and 8°) 
  • Special Keys: programmable keys, music Controls,
  • Palm Rest
  • Abrasion-resistant key print
  • 10-Key Number pad
  • Key type: Deep profile
  • On/Off power switch
  • Caps lock indicator light
  • Battery indicator light
  • 2 AA batteries (Alkaline Battery)
  • Battery life: 36 months


  • Sensor technology: Smooth Optical Tracking
  • Number of buttons: 3 (Left/Right-click, Middle-click)
  • Scrolling: line-by-line
  • Scroll Wheel: Yes, 2D, optical
  • Connect/Power: On/Off power button
  • 1 AA battery (Alkaline Battery)
  • Battery life: 18 months

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or later
  • Chrome OS
  • An available USB ports

Logitech MK540 Manual Setup

The basic or manual setup instructions for Logitech MK540

Link Here

Logitech MK540 Software Download

For Windows:

Logitech Options

  • Software Version: 9.70.68
  • Last Update: 2022-07-28
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • File Size: 279 MB

Download Here

Firmware Update Tool 64 bit

  • Software Version: 3.2.276959
  • Last Update: 2022-06-28
  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
  • File Size: 14.8 MB
  • Software Type: 64 Bit

Download Here

Firmware Update Tool 32 bit

  • Software Version: 3.2.276959
  • Last Update: 2022-06-28
  • OS: Windows 10
  • File Size: 13 MB
  • Software Type: 32 Bit

Download Here

For Mac OS:

Logitech Options

  • Software Version: 9.60.116
  • Last Update: 2022-05-31
  • OS: Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 11, and Mac OS 12.0
  • File Size: 296 MB

Download Here

Firmware Update Tool

  • Software Version: 3.2.276959
  • Last Update: 2022-06-28
  • OS: macOS 10.15, macOS 11, macOS 12.0
  • File Size: 26.5 MB
  • Software Type: 64 bit

Download Here

For Chrome OS:

Logitech Unifying for Chrome

  • Software Version: 1.0.1
  • Last Update: 2014-12-19
  • OS: Chrome OS
  • File Size: 990 KB

Download Here

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