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Logitech MX Master 3s Wireless Mouse Review and Manual

When viewed conceptually, the Logitech MX Master 3 is Logitech’s most premium mouse outside of gaming needs. It’s very close to being perfect for everyday mice for various purposes. But then Logitech released the MX Master 3S, which may have a few more aspects improved.

Logitech MX Master 3s Wireless Mouse

The shape of the two mice is similar; even on the hand, it feels very similar. It will be difficult to distinguish between MX Master 3 and MX Master 3S because, in terms of color, they are produced in the same color. The MX Master 3 and 3S are like twin mice when lined up.

There are six buttons on the body of the Logitech MX Master 3S. Two buttons on the left near the thumb and a button on the bottom. Then at the top, there are two standard mouse buttons and a button to change the scrolling mode. Then there are two scroll buttons, one on the top and one on the left to be accessed using the thumb.

Like other Logitech premium mice, these buttons can be customized via Logi Option+ software. Of course, this is intended to suit the needs of each user. For that, below, we have provided a link that you can download in the Logitech MX Master 3S Software section. Don’t forget to also link the link for the setup manual, which you can click on if you need it.

Silent, Cool, and High Hrecision

There are various technical aspects that you can customize, for example, the side scroll button that can be used to adjust the volume, zoom, or move from one tab to another in the browser. However, it will take a little adaptation to use this horizontal scroll button smoothly. The MX Master 3S has a maximum nominal of 8000 DPI for the sensor. Then, the good news is that Logitech also claims that this mouse button is 90% quieter.


Charging the mouse battery is done via the USB-C port, and the battery will last long enough, around 70 days for normal use. This mouse no longer uses the unifying receiver dongle for connection like the MX Master 3. The dongle is more modern, namely the Logi Bolt which is promised to be safer than the unifying receiver even though it has the same shape. Then about the resolution that reaches 8000 DPI, this resolution is needed for professionals who use screens of 4K and above, even 8K, so that the cursor can move faster from one side of the screen to the other.

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Overall, the Logitech MX Master 3S is a premium mouse that will be very suitable for you to use for various purposes. Coupled with a DPI sensor up to 8000 that can be run on all surfaces, it will greatly facilitate your work. Other cool features are also very modern that you can customize according to your needs and desires. To have this mouse, you have to spend around $ 99, which you can order on the official Logitech website or at some other marketplace that provides it.

Logitech MX Master 3s Specification


MX Master 3S Mouse

  • Height: 4.92 inch
  • Width: 3.32 inch
  • Depth: 2.01 inch
  • Weight: 141 gr

Logi Bolt USB Receiver

  • Height: 0.72 inch
  • Width: 0.57 inch
  • Depth: 0.26 inch
  • Weight: 2 gr

Technical Specifications

Sensor Technology

  • Darkfield high precision sensor technology
  • 1000 dpi nominal value
  • Min 200 dpi – max 8000 dpi (increments per 50)


  • 7 buttons
  • Scroll Wheel with smart-shift
  • Thumb wheel
  • Gesture button

Wireless operating distance

  • 10 m wireless range

Wireless technology

  • Advanced 2.4GHz


  • Rechargeable Li-Po 500 mAh
  • Get three hours of use of the mouse from a one-minute quick charge

Optional software

  • Logi Options+ and Logitech Flow


  • MX Master 3S
    • Pale Gray plastics (22% post-consumer recycled material)
    • Graphite plastics (27% post-consumer recycled material)
    • FSC – certified paper packaging

System Requirements


  • Requires Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
  • Windows 10, 11, or later
  • Mac OS 10.15 or later
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS
  • iPad OS 14 or later
  • Android

Logi Bolt USB Receiver

  • Requires: Available USB-A port
  • Windows 10, 11, or later
  • Mac OS 10.15 or later
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS

Not compatible with Logitech Unifying USB Receiver technology

Manual Setup for Logitech MX Master 3s

A quick and detail setup for this product can be accessed at the link below

Link Here

Logitech MX Master 3s Software Download

Logi Options+

  • Software Version: 1.10.9317
  • Last Update: 2022-06-30
  • OS: Windows 11 and Windows 10
  • File Size: 24.8 MB

Download Here

Logi Options+

  • Software Version: 1.10.9317
  • Last Update: 2022-06-30
  • OS: macOS 12.0, macOS 11, macOS 10.15
  • File Size: 15.6MB

Download Here

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