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Logitech Pen USI Stylus for Chromebook Review and Manual Setup

Logitech Pen USI Stylus for Chromebook Setup and Review – Today, more and more manufacturers are launching Chromebook laptop products, especially in education, and the technology they are carrying is now even higher. For example, a Chromebook already has a touch screen, so it can be multi-functional like a tablet to take conventional notes with ease. Generally, Chromebooks with Touchscreen support will come with a built-in stylus pen, but sometimes not all built-in styluses are comfortable for everyone. Sometimes, some things are obstacles that are still needed for high productivity.

To answer the need for writing on Chromebooks on touch screens that are more responsive and ergonomic for various groups, Logitech has just introduced the Logitech K-12 stylus Pen that supports Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) standards and is certified Works With Chromebooks.

Logitech Pen USI Stylus for Chromebook

This Logitech Pen USI Stylus comes with an ergonomic grip made of silicone and anti-slip material, optimized for users from the age of children where they need motor movement training from an early age. The tip of this rubber stylus pen has a sensitivity level of up to 4096 levels, allowing users to use the stylus like using a pen or pencil on paper.

Comfortable and Resistant

Users of learning age can use this stylus to do homework with high accuracy. With a shape and material that is very comfortable to use, of course, this Logitech default pen will be very comfortable to use even in a long period of use. It is not surprising that Logitech, like a giant company, always provides the best of every product because, for a long time, this company has become the trust of every corner of the world.

The Logitech Pen can be connected in real-time without the need for pairing or manual connection first; as long as the Chromebook supports USI, the stylus pen will connect automatically. This Logitech Pen is guaranteed to be resistant to water spills and has military-grade protection when dropped to the floor up to 1.2 m. For power, this Logitech Pen uses a USB type C port which is usually also available on several Chromebooks currently circulating. A full charge allows the stylus to run for 15 days under regular use.

Although this product is Plug and Play, which means it can be used immediately, we still pay attention to convenience for you. We have provided links related to setup and tips below for those who want to be clear about some things. You can watch or download the link in the Logitech USI Stylus setup section that we have provided.

Overall, the Logitech Pen is a stylus that will be very functional and provide comfort paired with a Chromebook. This stylus from Logitech is available for education and retails for $64.99 as of January 2022. If you are a Chromebook user and are interested in owning it, immediately order this Logitech Pen USI Stylus on the official Logitech website or on some other marketplace that provides it.

Logitech Pen USI Stylus Specification


  • Total length: 5.94 inches
  • Comfort grip length: 2.58 inch
  • Max thickness: 0.41 inch
  • Weight:15 gr

Technical Specifications:

Usage and Pairing

  • On/Off: Auto
  • No pairing needed (no buttons to press)


  • Li-Ion battery rechargeable via Chromebook USB-C charger (included)
  • The 30-second charge for full of battery

Power Management

  • Automatic with intelligent sleep and wake
  • Low battery LED for 10%


  • Bend and liquid spill-resistant
  • MIL-STD-810G drop certified up 1.2 m
  • Secure, long-lasting tip
  • Storage: Optional Pen Loop

System Requirements

  • All USI-enabled touchscreen devices, including Chromebooks from all major manufacturers
  • Go to www.logi.com/pen/compatibility for more details

Logitech Pen USI Stylus Setup

The basic or manual setup instructions for Logitech Logitech Pen USI Stylus

Setup video:

Watch Here

Deployment Tips:

Download Here

Classroom Deployment and Troubleshooting:

Download Here

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